ZFS Storage Appliance

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance (“storage appliance”) is an ideal match for backing up the database running on Oracle’s engineered systems such as Oracle Exadata, Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). Highly available and reliable Exadata Database Machine backup/restore architecture using Sun ZFS Storage Appliance provides Disk (Exadata Database Machine) to Disk (Sun ZFS Storage Appliance) backup rates up to 9TB/hour to Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and restore rates up to 7TB/hour from Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. This Exadata Database Machine and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance backup solution is a balanced high availability and performance configuration.
At Netsoftmate we have ZFS Certified Experts with several years of experience implementing, supporting and managing ZFS Storage Appliance.  At Netsoftmate we help Customers to achieve RPO and RTO using ZFS Storage Appliance.
Here are few of the services we offer:
  • ZFS Installation
  • Patching ZFS
  • Implement ZFS and Engineered Systems Best Practices
  • Configure ZFS Storage and Engineered System nodes for database backup
  • Configure Database backup to ZFS
  • Monitoring ZFS
  • ZFS Health Check
  • ZFS hardware and software Support