Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic replication solution. Oracle GoldenGate is one of the most powerful and robust solution for data replication. It has a very good name in the market for data replication and database migration. With its flexible and decouple architecture you can almost achieve any solution that you may want. One of the key factors in implementing and supporting golden gate environment is to ensure data integrity and consistency.
At Netsoftmate we have Oracle GoldenGate Certified Implementation specialist with several years of experience in Implementing, Supporting and Managing GoldenGate environments. Our Golden Gate Experts have experience working on different versions of Golden Gate starting from 10.4 tol 12.2.
At Netsoftmate we help Customers not only implement and support GoldenGate but also ensure that their data is consistent and secure all the time.
Here are some of our offerings in Oracle GoldenGate Space.
  • Implement GoldenGate replication
         - Implement Homogeneous and Heterogeneous GoldenGate replication (Oracle, DB2, MSSQL)
         - One-Way replication
         - Bi-Directional Replication
         - Multi-master Site Replication
         - Downstream Replication
         - Cascade Replication
         - Broadcasting Replication
         - Transformation and Custom Replication
         - Cloud and On-Premises
  • Database migration using GoldenGate
         - We help Customers migrate their database with Zero Downtime using GoldenGate
         - Migrate databases from Non-Exadata To Exadata
  • GoldenGate on Exadata
         - Configure GoldenGate replication between Exadata to Exadata Databases.
         - Configure GoldenGate High Availability using ACFS/DBFS on Exadata
         - Implement GoldenGate best practices on Exadata
         - Making best use of Exadata for Faster replication
  • GoldenGate on RAC (Real Application Cluster)
         - Configure GoldenGate replication for databases running on RAC
         - Configure GoldenGate High Availability to minimize outages
  •  GoldenGate Health Check
         - Perform routine Process Health Check
  • GoldenGate monitoring and troubleshooting
         - Implement Golden Gate monitoring
         - Resolve Golden Gate issues
         - Minimize Golden Gate process Lag
  • Tuning GoldenGate
         - Tune Golden Gate process to minimize data Lag and ensure data consistency
  • Patching and Upgrade GoldenGate Software
         - Apply one-off patches
         - Upgrade to new release or version
  • GoldenGate Support
         - Since we have the right skills you can offload your GoldenGate support to us and manage and support it as your team.
         - 24/7 Support for your entire mission critical GoldenGate environments.