Oracle Database Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is an entry level engineered system consisting of hardware and software components. At a high level, the Oracle Database Appliance consists of servers, storage and network hardware, combined with network, cluster, and database software and templates. You can think of ODA as a two node Oracle Linux RAC cluster in a single box with shared storage and networking all included in the box. ODA is designed to help organizations minimize costs, increase adoption time, and lower risk in database deployment and maintenance.
ODA is built and configured with redundancy to achieve continuous availability in the event of component failures. It addresses all single points of failures within the system. It does not have to go down if a component fails.
At Netsoftmate we have Oracle Database Appliance Experts with several years of experience implementing, supporting and managing ODA Systems. Our ODA Experts have hands on experience working on different ODA generations.
At Netsoftmate we help Customers to achieve best out of ODA and their investments in it.
Here are some of our offerings in Oracle Database Appliance space.
  •  ODA Installation
          - Help Customers in installing and configuring ODA
          - ODA post installation process
  • Database Migration to ODA
          - Migrate databases using Physical and Logical methods
          - Migrate databases with minimum or No Downtime
          - Migrate mission critical databases using GoldenGate with zero downtime
  • Database Consolidation
  • Patching ODA
          - Patch ODA systems
          - Apply ODA Bundle Patches
          - ODA and Database One-off patches
  • Patch set and Database Upgrade
         - Upgrade databases within the release ( to or to and all major upgrades from 11g to 12c
  • ODA Best Practices
         - Implement ODA Best Practices to achieve best out of it
  • Monitoring ODA
         - Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c/13c
         - Scripts and utilities
  • ODA Health Check
         - Perform routine ODA Health Checks to identify hardware and software issues and best practices
         - Automate Health Check monthly/Quarterly
  • ODA Support
         - Since we have the right skills you can offload your ODA Support to us.
         - 24/7 Support for your entire mission critical ODA systems.